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My Writings

I love to write. That is what I do. And I will probably end up doing it the rest of my life. Here, you will find some of the stuff I have written, hence the title - "My Writings." Some of the stuff is crap, and some you may find interesting... no promises. Feel free to read, print out, mass-distribute, etc. Although please give all due credit to me, and tell me if you are going to mass-distribute. Please write me an email and give me praise and/or criticism. I would much appreciate it. Thanks.


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Inauspicious Stars

I guess I am a Shakespeare Freak, but I do love the bard. Last year, I decided to write a play. I took some bits and pieces of various Shakespeare plays, and put them together. I wrote text to complete the story. I formulated my own plot, a love tragedy of passion. The passion for life, the passion for death, and the passion for love. The three intersect in "Inauspicious Stars." It was first performed at Torrey Pines High School in June 1997. If you wish to use this play or any scene from it, please contact me first. If you would like to read or download it, click here: Inauspicious Stars:

Jonathan Yaffe